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Why the 40 Acre Plan?

Because the time is now!! Corporations have committed over 100 billion dollars to the black and minority community.  Unfortunately most of them have no idea on how to execute that commitment in a way that aligns with their brand.

Government officials are looking for ways to increase government contracts and access to capital to black and minority businesses. Unfortunately, many black and minority entrepreneurs don't know how to access these funds or the steps to qualify to get them.

Investors have billions to invest in opportunity zones where most black and minority neighborhoods are. Unfortunately, many times they don't have a connection to that community, know how to get a good ROI and still uplift that community or have any partners that look like that community to change the narrative.

There are incredible Celebrities, Entrepreneurs and Influencers that are thriving in the community. Unfortunately, most do not have a platform to pass what they know while still earning money and create group economics by helping others make money that did not have the skill set before.

Just like the African proverb "acres of diamonds" everything we ever wanted is right here in our back yard. We just have to come together and get it.  If we don't take action now we will look back in history and wonder what happened just like we did with 40 acres and a mule.

What are you doing to do next?   

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Why the 40 Acre Plan?

Because Money for Your Mission is the boldest and baddest grant funding system in existence. You can waste time, risk loosing money, or just use hope as a strategy to get lucky.

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This may be you?

Celebrities, Influencers, Corporations, Investment Funds, Government Officials, Formally Incarcated, Community Leaders, Minority Kids.

Wearing multiple hats for a diversity and inclusion project

Missing investment opportunities that support minorities

Wasting time looking for things that qualify for environmental, social governance.


"We have to do with the past only as we can make it useful to the present and to the future."

-Frederick Douglas

Utilizing multiple platforms to find new ways to reduce tax liability, while also doing good for the community.

Wishing you had a unified movement that you could support.

Not wanting sacrifice an political relationships for the cause you support Fear of losing or wasting money on something not worthwhile